Starting Saturday 13 October 2018 Last Day Wednesday 21 November 2018 New morning online global kundalini yoga & meditation 40 days practice in Group Rise & Shine 9th edition!!! Already ! Well done to all of us!

New morning online global kundalini yoga & meditation 40 days practice in Group Rise & Shine 9th edition!!!
Already ! Well done to all of us!

Theme for this Series:

Starting Saturday 13 October 2018
Last Day Wednesday 21 November 2018

AS this is our 9th series, and number 9 in yogic numerology is a

As there is always the other side of one coin the polarity of Master is a Miser.
It’s always your choice to start new day in an uplifting way and shine for the rest of it or ….
dwell on your problems, traumas , bad relationships etc… and have a negative mindset all day longggggg… and cry to your tired friends about it????
Your life in your 2 hands !

Soooooo…..Who Are You going to be a Master or a Miser?
Are you IN?

If Yes! Yes! yes!
Then Join Us in our morning practice in a group Rise & Shine 9.


STRUCTURE of the session:

We are on live EACH MORNING at 05:55 for prompt start at 06:00, we will end around 06:40-45

Greetings & Inspirational Quote for that day from Master of Kundalini Yoga – Yogi Bhajan

1. We tune in with opening Mantra:
Connecting to inner subtle energy, to the light within, master/teacher within


2. Kriya ( Set of exercises ) to Balance Prana & Apana ( for strong
abs to stimulate, eliminate stagnant energy and properly set navel energies, that power of kundalini – our life force can be released; exercises to allow the heart to dominate and eliminate a lot of pent-up anger, learn to listen to your heart and feel like home, resting at the centre of yourself. To elevate you and give you mental relaxation and sensitivity.
3. Meditation: Listening to Angelic Whispers (instructions in our
closed group)
4. Closing & Blessings Prayer
5. Sat Nam x3 to stay in vibration of truth


“Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. It’s not about giving you anything that you don’t already have. It’s just to bring that awareness to our potential and to notice those places where we have a block or a resistance to how we would naturally be ourselves in the world.” Yogi Bhajan

Regular Kundalini Yoga practice will help you to:

* feel happier, healthier, be more productive, more creative, and more relaxed!
* transform your life and relationships, and feel more fulfilled and satisfied!
* boost your energy levels and enjoy greater levels of physical well-being!
* become more intuitive and able to attract new opportunities!
* embark on an exciting new journey of self-discovery!

People decide to practice Kundalini Yoga for many different reasons. Perhaps it was recommended to you as a way to help you relax, cope with stress and find peace of mind. Perhaps you were simply curious. It doesn’t really matter what your reason may have been, everyone is welcome to join in.

However, you must be warned: If you genuinely practice it, then you will find yourself and your life changing. If you do not want this, if everything in your life is perfect, then don’t proceed!
However, if you do want to explore the possibilities offered by this technology, and wish to discover and enjoy your highest potential, then Kundalini Yoga is most definitely for you.

Sat Nam


If you’d love to join this new series
– Add me as a friend on FB ( if we ar not yet )
– transfer £40 to:
Wioletta Sadurek
HSBC 40-01-01
Acc 61462040
Re: your REAL name that you made a transfer

– Send me confirmation via messenger and I’ll then add you to the group Rise & Shine 9