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Welcome to Wioletta Diamondheart.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Lightworker, Holistic Therapist and Gong Master

My Story

Wioletta Diamondheart

Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher

I am Wioletta Diamondheart , my yogic name is “Jai Dev Karam Kaur”.

I am enthusiastic, dynamic, uplifting and inspiring Kundalini Yoga & Meditation level 1 & 2 teacher, Kundalini Yoga for Conscious Pregnancy and Shakti Dance Instruktor, Member of KYTA, IKYTA, SDTA and Holistic Therapist. My journey is long and rocky with an amazing views and experiences that I share from my heart with those that are wanting to love their lives fully.

“She is passionate about helping the others achieve mental, physical, spiritual balance and to live in The Light, in The Truth, In Sat Nam. Wioletta is dynamic and passionate about life and its transformations. Her energy and enthusiasm for the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as thought by  – Yogi Bhajan is deeply motivating and encouraging.”

She teaches from the heart and from her own experience. She directs her classes to inspire the students, to enable each participant to catch the glimpse of their own true self and find The Master within. About Wioletta looks to bring the essence of everyday life into her classes, sharing Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations that are relevant to the changes we face in the world, so we are able to withstand the pressure of times, live in joy and find peace within. Her passion for life, people and commitment to serve others creates a high vibrational sacred space for healing and transformation to occur in a safe space.

” I am also Holistic & Ayurvedic Therapist, Enthusiastic Traveller & Life Coach. My Mission is to Bring out The Master Within each student, participant, client. I Runs Woman Circles & Ceremonies in Red Tents, as I believe in creative power and love of The Goddess, of The Mother, of the Creation. I Offer help and support during Fasting and Detoxing.

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Rise and Shine is a wonderful way to set my day in a positive direction. I finish feeling blessed and calm. I feel ready to be a part of the change required for our planet to replenish and thrive. Stepping up to be a light in times of chaos requires courage. My morning kriya and…


Doing this every day has improved my health , having something to look forward to everyday makes my day brighter , Wioletta I love your passion and every day I am excited to listen to your beautiful guidance and messages ❤️❤️❤️❤️?????

Gail – London

I love rise and shine. I love the freedom to be myself and to free myself and the light it gives me and I love this series even more because it has no frogs in it! People can’t experience something until they can experience it. They will come back when the time is right…we all…


Great morning practice I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to change the way of thinking from negative to positive ???I am joining in again for next series on Monday that says it all . Thank you Wioletta ???


Definitely would recommend these sessions to All!! Amazing practice with Wiola keeps me calm and happy, gives me so much energy and positivity that I am able to stand up and fight all adversity in the world with a smile and strenghts I never had before:) It is not easy to carry on for 40…


Wioletta, thank you so much for this incredible journey. It was an amazing experience. I had wanted to try kundalini yoga before and planned to join well before the pandemic broke down. I think the timing couldn’t be better as the practice has helped me adjust to the lockdown reality. It grounded me, brought tranquility…


Wow, just wow! My heart is bursting with love & gratitude for you & everyone in this group and beyond for this amazing journey. Sat Nam ? ❤️???✨??


Amazing 40 days working together as immune warriors with perfect timing in an extraordinary world. Thank you for the inspiration to rise n shine everyday showing up in the world with love and forgiveness – and creating a habit of greeting the rising sun with gratitude every day. Maxine


Podzielę się swoją historia, po moich już 4-podróżach kiedyś w końcu…bo pomimo, ze wciąż przerabiam dość trudne / traumatyczne wydarzenia, które od 2009 roku regularnie do dziś się wydarzają/toczą, to odkąd zaczęłam KY w ogóle, to poczułam, ze ja żyje/jestem/istnieje!!! Inic nie muszę, a wszystko mogę zrobić ze sobą i tym samym swoim życiem! A…


Dear Wioletta, I would like to thank you for the 40 days Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Practise. It is very hard to tell to all the lots of things, what happened, but I am trying to write down the most I remember. I had always trouble with meditation. In the very beginning, during the yoga…


“I have saved my share for the end as during the 40 days it was a hard enough experience to process let alone share it This was my second 40 day kirya. It was different from the first one…the first two weeks it was like someone had changed my happy world into the most depressing…


„Kundalini yoga every morning with Wiola… to me there is no other way to explain it than ‘new life’. I started the amazing experience with kundalini at the beginning of October 2017, I was at a very low, if not lowest point in my life, being put through disciplinary at work, because I had to…

All my love Justina x”

‘ve been doing morning yoga meditations with Wioletta since the first set in autumn last year and I can’t recommend them enough. I’d been familiar with yoga before and had been practising regularly before but only after adding it to my daily routine I noticed its significant influence on my self-consciousness and ability to see…


„I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone looking to make changes in life. Firstly, it teaches you discipline, as you need to get up every day and do your regime. Secondly, it gives you 1 hr of “ME” time which we all need. Thirdly, reducing tension and stress in your body, kundalini yoga has…

Anna ”

„Oh, dziękuję bardzo ta podróż była, po to bym siebie mogla pokochać spowrotem w rzeczy samej . Coś pięknego budzić się o świcie w dobrym nastroju , który mi towarzyszy przez resztę dzień . Szczęście na każdym kroku nawet jak mnie zmęczenie dopadło wiem jak mam się zregenerować, coś nie samowitego !praca i ludzie mi…

Dziękuję” Ewa

Piękny to był dzien, święty niedziela rano cichutko a my na macie a W okół nas nasza trojka chłopaków grandzila.. a za oknem akurat przyleciały dwie sójki pojeść z karmnika, potem dwie sikorki.. No i Udało mi sie także z mojego busy życia mamy otrzymać trzy godziny czasu tygodniowo Tylko dla mnie.. to cos wielkiego…

„Tuning into Love”.. Joanna