This is a very unique, multi-sensory journey to the depths of your soul. Suspension in Cocoons creates a feeling of floating, gravity vanishes, all senses enhanced by Sacred Sounds, Sacred Essence of Frankincense, diving deep into yourself, meeting your Soul, Higher Self, the God within. Surrounded by Ascended Masters, Light Workers & Angels, all to create safe and secure space for you to be. We will RECONNECT with our heart, feel the life pulsing in every vain, in every cell of our sacred temple and heal all that it needs to be healed at that given moment, filling with Light, Love & Life. Our Heart Chakra is the center of love, care, compassion, kindness and joy. Located at the center of our chest, it is linked to our thymus gland, heart, lungs, breasts, and arms. The heart chakra is associated with the air element and the color green. When opened, this chakra allows love, respect, compassion, and forgiveness to flow freely through us. However, when blocked, it can manifest physically as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and emotionally as suppressed grief, anger, jealousy, and an inability to let go of past hurt.

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