Shakti Dance

Shakti Dance

Shakti Dance offers a joyful, graceful and healthy yogic path through the practice of dance.

Shakti Dance is the Yoga of Dance, based on Kundalini Yoga as thaught by Yogi Bhajan and   developed by Sara Avtar Olivier.
 Shakti Dance help to develop inner harmony and grace in motion. Gently opens and rebalances the subtle vital currents (meridians/nadis) in the body allowing harmonious flow of prana (life force) in the body using harmonious fusion of flowing asanas, different dance-styles, breathing techniques and rythmic coordination, together with mental focus and mantras. 
Shakti Dance seeks to develop graceful movement, charged with a vibrant presence of soul-self. Merging with Spirit imbuses us with a wonderful feeling of vitality and freedom. It is joyous way to raise the conscious awareness.
Experience of cosmic union of Shiva & Shakti.
Through the practice of yoga, that is the union of polarities, Kundalini Shakti awakens and rises, she unites with Shiva in a cosmic marriag.

Shakti is a fuel burning in the lamp and Shiva is the light it sheds. Shiva is the dancer, Shakti is the cosmic dance.

Join us in a graceful and hightened way of dance. Expand beyond and flow free into infinite you.  Blanket or shawl needed for relaxation.
Price: £15

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