Wheels of Life – Kundalini Journey through The Chakras

8 weeks 8 Friday’s 7:00-8:30pm @ Grove Park Studios, Chiswick W4 3HR 03.11.17- 22.12.2017
This is a journey through the chakras starting at the Base Czakra – Muladhara and working upwards through the subtle energy centres to the Crown – Sahashara chakra and completing with the Aura.

Each week we will be exploring particular chakra, its qualities and how to recognize its vibrations. We will be doing a yoga set, meditation and a mantra relating to that chakra.
Kundalini Yoga focuses on the subtle energy centres called chakras or wheels of life and brings them into balance and harmony, prepares the body for the Kundalini energy to rise/uncoil and weave up through the chakras.This program provides you with complete set of tools to ensure your 8 energy centres are healthy, open and active.

When an energy centre is blocked or inactive it can lead to imbalance and disease in the body. These classes can support you to regain your balance or improve an aspect of your energy that you wish to focus on.

Class 1 – The Base Chakra. This practice is for a healthy and revitalised Base Chakra (Muladhara Chakra). We will do a set of exercises designed to work on the body’s cleansing and digestive system, relating to the organs located at the base of the spine. Energetically, it works with your sense of safety, stability and security. The colour associated with this chakra is the colour red.

Class 2 – The Sacral Chakra: This practice is for the second chakra, the Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana Chakra) – the energetic centre located around the lower abdomen. The colour associated with this chakra is orange. It is represented by the element of water. On a physical level, these set of exercises focus on the area around your spleen, bladder, kidneys, liver, and reproductive organs.

Class 3 – The Solar Plexus Chakra: This practice or kriya is for the third chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura Chakra) located right below the navel and the base of the sternum. This energetic centre relates to the digestive system, liver, gallbladder, and the pancreas. It relates to our drive and effective will. The colour associated with this chakra is yellow.

Class 4 – Heart Chakra: This open level class introduces you to the Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra). We will do a practice designed to strengthen your lungs and circulation, strengthen your arms, and work with the energy centre around the region of the heart, with the intention of supporting you to have a healthy heart chakra. The colour associated with this energy centre is green.

Class 5 – Throat Chakra: This open level class revitalises the Throat Chakra (Vishuddha Chakra). We will practice a kriya for Creativity, a routine designed to strengthen your neck muscles, enhance your communication and thyroid gland, and work with the energy centre around the throat. This chakra is associated with the element of sound, and with the colour blue.

Class 6 – Ajna Chakra (Third Eye): In this class we will practice relevant kriya that is designed to help you develop your eye-sight, your intuition, and work with clearing the energy around the third-eye point between your eyebrows. The colour associated with this energy centre is purple.

Class 7 – Sahasrara Chakra: This practice is designed to help you with calming any busy mental activity, and work with the energy centre around the crown of the head. The colour is Violet.

Class 8 – The Aura: This session is to promote harmonised energy in your Eighth Chakra – your Aura. This is a practise designed to help you with your presence and projection to the world, and work with the energy that surrounds your whole physical body. The colour is White.


Tickets: £100 whole set or £15 per class

Wioletta Diamondheart Aka Karam Kaur is a uplifting and inspiring kundalini yoga teacher with many years of experience in a field of yoga, healing and sharing. She constantly expands her knowledge and wisdom of the teachings, so she can deliver this transformative and powerful technology to participants with integrity and devotion.Her passion for people and commitment to serve others creates a high vibrational sacred space for healing and transformation to occur. She is passionate about helping the others achieve mental, physical and spiritual balance.

Her sessions are open to all and she offers a safe space for everyone to relax, expand and transform.

Looking forward to serve you.
Abundant blessings.
Sat Nam

Wioletta Diamondheart