This Full Moon in GEMINI is truly inspirational !
Join me in this ecstatic trans dance and shake off all your burden, old heavy luggage and make space for NEW FULFILLING, CREATIVE & HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS in your world.

We will end with deep relaxation in vibrations of 2 powerful Gongs & gentle Crystal Bowl for the Heart Center. To embrace equilibrium within.

Take the steering wheel into your own hands. Become a Master and a Commander of your own Ship!

Looking forward to share this amazing time!
Wioletta Diamondheart


Here comes the Full Moon in Gemini, join me in TRANS DANCE & GONGS JOURNEY
Sunday 6:00-7:30pm in Chiswick

Release karma and move on!!!
You absolutely can, with the help of this amazing Full Moon and powerful ecstatic dance and meditation you can let go and move on from anyone and anything.

Once a month, the Moon moves to fullness in our skies. The Moon is called “Queen of Emotions” and as she swells to fullness each month, our feelings come up to the surface to be dealt with. That’s why people are said to go “loony” at the time of the Full Moon.
So many emotions flowing through us like a tsunami if we do not know how to harness this potent energy and re- direct into the desired path.

It’s time to shed/shake off old skin and be reborn again in a new light!

So will do clearing on those fields.
And remember – forgiving someone doesn’t make what they did right. It just means you are OVER IT and moving on. Move on is the best thing you can do if you want to move towards your desired life. We all have one.

Of course there will always be challenges sent to help our souls grow, but it can be much easier to navigate life if you do this sort of emotional clear out.

Grove Park Studios
188-192 Sutton Court Road
Chiswick W4 3HR

Tickets £15


The Hostess of Full Moon Ceremony:

I am Wioletta Diamondheart, my spiritual name is Karam Kaur, it means : Action – Deed – Destiny, The Princess/Lioness of God whose destiny is God’s will and whose actions are based on God’s will.

I am uplifting and inspiring kundalini yoga teacher with many years of experience in a field of yoga, healing and sharing. I’m constantly expanding my knowledge and wisdom of the teachings, so I could deliver this transformative and powerful technology to participants with integrity and devotion.

I create a high vibrational sacred space for healing and transformation to occur. I am passionate about helping others to achieve mental, physical and spiritual balance. To awaken the Master Within, the Healer within.

My sessions are open to all and I offer a safe space for everyone to relax, expand and transform into love and light that we all are.

Looking forward to serve you.
Abundant blessings.
Sat Nam

Wioletta Diamondheart