Sexuality and Spirituality Course offers both men and women the real prospect of great sex with deep intimacy, contentment, satisfaction, and divine connection.

Those sessions will reveal sacred Kundalini Yoga sets and meditations from which you can find the means to achieve your greatest joy and fulfillment.

Our sexual energy is the most powerful form of energy known to us. It creates life!

“WE ARE NOT TO BE CELIBATE” says Yogi Bhajan. In the art and science of Kundalini Yoga, SEXUALITY is a requisite for SPIRITUALITY.

Kundalini Yoga was developed to raise sexual energy to the higher Chakras, transforming it into spiritual energy and preparing us for higher levels of consciousness as well as for a healthy, balanced,physical, mental, emotional and sexual life. With a vital body and a soul conscious mind we can attract and cultivate meaningful relationships that vibrate higher frequencies of love , joy and peace, and that are more fun and more exciting than before.

Our sexual energy impacts all aspects of our life: How we relate to our sexuality is a determining factor in how we relate not only to our partners, but also to our family, friends, children, and all those with whom we interact.

We are all sexual beings, regardless of age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, spiritual path, or level of sexual advancement.

We will learn about:
– Tantra,
– man’s and woman’s sexuality
– how to practice the locks for sexual pleasure
– polarity balance for men and women,
– opening the heart to sacred love

We miss a lot when sex is reduced to building up stressful desire and releasing it. Spiritualizing our attitude toward our sexuality delivers us to the universal creative dimensions of existence.

How we create in life is a function of how we are able to sustain and interact with the unfolding of our life, relax into our own rhythm, and find satisfaction while moving through our daily activities.

Learn how to open your heart – to yourself, to others and to all life.
Love happens as you embrace all life’s challenges, as well as its joys.

Practicing this priceless technology will deliver you to a cherished sense of well-being. You will experience a certain magic while raising your Kundalini and transforming your sexual energy into consciousness, honoring the miracle of your own life and that of all creation.
Practicing the technology and absorbing the wisdom offered in this course will change your life, by raising your frequency to the vibration of sacred love.”


Buddist Vihara Center
The Avenue
Chiswick W4 1UD
Tube: Turnham Green

You can set yourself for all 10 weeks journey or just enjoy single session.

Price :
Set of 10 £120
1 session £20

Cash payments at the door or
via Eventbrite

Wioletta Diamondheart (Jai Dev Karam Kaur) fully certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher level 1 & 2 (IKYTA).

Her sessions are inspiring, authentic and joyful, balancing strength and flexibility while attuning into the soul on deeper level.

She combines yogic philosophy, strong asanas (postures) with pranayama (breathing techniques), mantras (sacred shabds/ songs) and meditations accordingly to the theme of each class to deepen the experience of participants.

Overall she’s very experienced teacher in a field of yoga and healing, and she teaches from the heart.

Just one session will make you feel amazing !