40 days Rise and Shine

Express Yourself 40 days morning yoga & mediation live on Facebook

New 40 days series of kundalini yoga & meditation live on FB in group
Rise & Shine edition 19
starts on Tuesday 11.02.2020
@ 05:55-06:45 GTM

Theme :
Activating Throat Chakra for Creativity
& Conscious Communication

This daily morning practice It’s easy.
it’s simple and it’s beautiful!
It’s for EVERYONE !
You don’t need to be fit or flexible …
we always do as much as we can, it’s more about inspiring ourselves and enjoying the process than pushing till exhaustion …. no no no !
It’s beautiful, simple & easy !

Starting New Day , each day in this way will shift your entire life to a different realities of existence. It will change your life!

Benefits of early morning Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Practice:

✔️ self- care
✔️ increases focus & productivity
✔️ fosters strength & flexibility
✔️ clears subconscious
✔️ aligns you with your soul
✔️ energises you
✔️ nourishes your body, mind & spirit
✔️ sets positive tone for a day ahead
✔️ elevates your mood
✔️ deepens relationships
✔️ improves your sleep
✔️ inner love & joy awakens
✔️ invites prosperity
✔️ brings you a sense of purpose

Start a daily morning Kundalini Yoga & Meditation ritual so you can wake up each day and be the best version of yourself.

Practising Kundalini yoga is one of the most effective ways to establish greater impact and happiness in your life.

“When you practise a Kundalini Yoga, you open the book of your life; it is all there to see in your physical, mental and emotional bodies. The transformation stems from your capacity to initiate your will to meet the challenge of the kriya. Each exercise is an opportunity to grow. The great thing about Kundalini yoga is that it is ideal for beginners, it has nothing to do with how flexible or strong you are and everything to do with your intention and willingness to develop. From day one it is a teaching for your spirit.”

This IS opportunity to elevate your life. To tap into Vitality, Inner Strength and Power.
To activate all chakras with simple exercises, strengthen Aura and enhance your INTUITION.

Here in this series our main focus will be on the THROAT CHAKRA – Center of truth, creativity, spoken word. It’s going to stimulate and activate thyroid gland for balanced production of hormones and maybe /possibly you’ll start living colour blue !

“ At the FIFTH CHAKRA sound reverberates into the Ether. Purification is our purpose, communication is our focus, mantra and the vibration of sound our tools.”

I’ll be live each morning in our private group Rise & Shine 19 for 40 days, continuously from 11.02 till 21.03.2020 – Time of SPRING EQUINOX

So Keep up! And you’ll be kept up!

It’s going to be amazing.
I’ve done it for 18 series already. Kundalini yoga has changed my life, it has changed life of many participants around the world.
It’s been an incredible gift and I’d love to share this amazing journey with you too.

All details in a link below???



If you’d love to join this new series
– Add me as a friend on FB ( if we ar not yet )
– transfer £40 to:
Wioletta Sadurek
HSBC 40-01-01
Acc 61462040
Re: your REAL name that you made a transfer

or paypal:
info@diamondheart.co.uk ( friends & family)

– Send me confirmation via messenger and I’ll then add you to the group Rise & Shine and will sent you an invitation for you to accept it.


If you can’t attend live in the morning, don’t worry, replay of each class will be available right after it ends in the group. So you won’t miss anything.

40 days practice – means 40
consecutive days
Day after we finish this series , group will be closed and we are moving onto another journey. So make sure be there daily for greatest benefits ????

with absolute joy
Wioletta Diamondheart
Jai Dev Karam Kaur


TESTIMONIALS for inspiration :

On this journey, I have cried, laughed , smiled, felt deep love, and grown inside, and felt extremely proud of myself, I have experienced different challenges with people along this journey and learnt to speak my truth more from a loving perspective. Thank you so much xxx


It was my fourth session with Wiola, and for some reasons most difficult one. I am not sure why I struggled so much, even if I woke up, I still had someone inside sabotaging me, telling me to go back to sleep. Maybe it was due to tiredness of visiting hospitals so often recently (I do not remember ever being so many times in hospital with my kids in September and October – they are big 15 & 9), maybe the laziness of the summer break had influenced it. However, even it was so difficult, I stuck to the morning ritual when I could and carried on, day by day. I think for me this time it was like a lifeline to carry on, to continue and to get over difficult stuff. These were difficult because I could not control them or influence in any way. But these morning moments of calm kept me strong for the next few hours and days, and kept my smile on even it was not easy. I do not know how to explain it, but these 40 days feels like kind of rehab I had where I fighted off some kind of poor will and weakness. And I feel like tough things are now behind …. . Hopefully no more hospital visits for now! Thank you Wiola for being inspiration and ray of sunshine in the rainy land!????


What a journey. So so wonderful. Gratitude pouring out of me. It is done.


I would love to share more today just after long day coming back to Warsaw just want to say again HUGE Thank you Wioletta for this practice your experience and wisdom coming through you. Thanks to your Guides Sprits and Angels to keep the space for all of us. One Ma???☀️ Marcel


My deepest appreciation for you, dear Wioletta!??
I loved this series! The powerful mantra, the combination of exercises, the intention and your sweet but strong energy in the morning. You are a fantastic teacher! My journey through the chakras is going on – I will join next round, no question!
Petra ??


Thank you very much !!! ????? It was very beautiful and amazing experience. Kate ?????❣️


Oh my goodness so powerful. Heart wide open to love. Jill ??


Thank you Wioletta Diamondheart this moment is a brand new time in my life. I feel on top of the world ????????? Monika


Sat Nam,here I am one day behind you all, this journey is amazing, helping me with wonderful creative ideas for my 1:1 work with children, and showing me why I have some attachment blocks , thank you so much ???, I REALISED SOMETHING VERY SIGNIFICANT TO MY WHOLE LIFE TODAY WOW” Gail


I am loving the routine that my body is in. it naturally wakes to do the exercise and meditation. I love the calm that infiltrates my body when the live picture of you comes on screen. thank you. am committed and am finding deep peace and pureness from this practice. ? Bijay


The memories of how this makes me feel brings me to my mat every morning. I feel alive, in my power and no one is wrecking near me. I am the lighthouse shining from within. This is my 3rd series with you it’s amazing. This is my view from where I am today. ??⭐️satnam Jill


Dziękuję Ci Wiola
Sesje z Tobą są jedną z najpiękniejszych rzeczy które mi się w życiu przydarzyły, a najpiękniejszą w ciągu ostatni lat. To co się stało w ciągu ostatnich 24h jest czymś czego się nie spodziewałem, uważam, że dzięki Twoim sesją i słów mądrości przez Ciebie wypiedzianych. Pozwoliły mi zaakceptować coś okrutnego co wydarzyło się vw moim życiu.
Dziękuję Ci za to.

Sat Nam ?
Antek Antoni


Feb 11 2020


05:55 - 06:45



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