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New 40 days series of kundalini yoga & meditation/ Clear & Focus live on FB in group Rise & Shine edition 21
3rd Eye Activation
Stimulating Pituitary Gland
Expanding Awareness
Reaching Beyond Senses
“Go inside and listen to your inner voice. Every question has an answer. Your soul is full of wisdom and knows the way.” YB
This daily morning practice It’s easy.
it’s simple and it’s beautiful!
It’s for EVERYONE !
You don’t need to be fit or flexible …
we always do as much as we can
It’s more about inspiring ourselves and enjoying the process than pushing till exhaustion …. no no no ! It’s beautiful, simple & easy !
Here in this series our main focus will be on the THIRD EYE CHAKRA called AJNA.
We will consciously stimulate and activate PITUITARY gland and maybe /possibly we will start living and vibrating colour INDIGO !
Starting New Day , Each Day in this way will shift your entire life to a different realities of existence.
It will change your life!
Benefits of early morning Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Practice:
✔️ self- care
✔️ increases focus & productivity
✔️ fosters strength & flexibility
✔️ clears subconscious
✔️ aligns you with your soul
✔️ energises you
✔️ nourishes your body, mind & spirit
✔️ sets positive tone for a day ahead
✔️ elevates your mood
✔️ deepens relationships
✔️ improves your sleep
✔️ inner love & joy awakens
✔️ invites prosperity
✔️ brings you a sense of purpose
Start a daily morning Kundalini Yoga & Meditation ritual so you can wake up each day and be the best version of yourself.
Practising Kundalini yoga is one of the most effective ways to establish greater impact and happiness in your life.
“When you practise a Kundalini Yoga, you open the book of your life; it is all there to see in your physical, mental and emotional bodies. The transformation stems from your capacity to initiate your will to meet the challenge of the kriya. Each exercise is an opportunity to grow. The great thing about Kundalini yoga is that it is ideal for beginners, it has nothing to do with how flexible or strong you are and everything to do with your intention and willingness to develop. From day one it is a teaching for your spirit.”
This IS opportunity to elevate your life. To balance polarities within. To master your own Mind. To tap into Vitality, Inner Strength and Power. To activate all chakras with simple exercises, strengthen Aura and enhance your INTUITION.
Merging individual ego with the cosmic ego. Expanding awareness to the realization that nothing is separate, that we are truly all one. We have moved beyond the gross elements of earth, water, fire, air, ether, and into the realm of light. Get ready to become VISIONARY BEYOND LIMITED MIND.
I’ll be live each morning in our private group Rise & Shine 20 for 40 days, continuously from 04 May 2020 till 12 June 2020
Keep up! And you’ll be kept up!
It’s going to be amazing.
I’ve done it for 20 series already.
Kundalini yoga has changed my life, it has changed life of many participants around the world.
It’s been an incredible gift and I’d love to share this amazing journey with you too.
All details in a link below???
If you’d love to join this new series
– Add me as a friend on FB ( if we ar not yet )
– transfer £40 ( friends & family only)
– Send me confirmation via messenger and I’ll then add you to the group Rise & Shine and will sent you an invitation for you to accept it.


If you can’t attend live session in the morning, don’t worry, replay of each class will be available right after it ends in the group. So you won’t miss anything.
40 days practice – means 40
consecutive days
Day after we finish this series , group will be closed and we are moving onto another journey. Make sure to tune in daily for greatest b

Rise and Shine is a wonderful way to set my day in a positive direction. I finish feeling blessed and calm. I feel ready to be a part of the change required for our planet to replenish and thrive. Stepping up to be a light in times of chaos requires courage. My morning kriya and…


Doing this every day has improved my health , having something to look forward to everyday makes my day brighter , Wioletta I love your passion and every day I am excited to listen to your beautiful guidance and messages ❤️❤️❤️❤️?????

Gail – London

I love rise and shine. I love the freedom to be myself and to free myself and the light it gives me and I love this series even more because it has no frogs in it! People can’t experience something until they can experience it. They will come back when the time is right…we all…



May 05 2020 - May 12 2020






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Wioletta Diamondheart (Jai Dev Karam Kaur)


Wioletta Diamondheart (Jai Dev Karam Kaur)

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