Autumn Equinox - All Night Gong Journey

All Night Gong Journey – Autumn Equinox

We are delighted to invite you for “All – Night Gong Puja ” on Saturday evening 14 September 2019 – a unique and magical gong experience at The Amazing Old Acton Library.

We will be preparing for Autumn Equinox which is a time when Sun enters Libra, its a Harvest Festival, Time of Thanksgiving and a Festival of Restored Balance and Integration.

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“Day and Night are in Perfect Balance All Over The World. The Sun Enters Libra, bringing Balance and Harmony and, be necessity, change and transformation. Autumn Equinox is a doorway to Winter. Summer is over and new phase will begin. It is a time for balancing and reconsiling opposites and to see them as part of the whole. Everything co-exist together and we need both sides in order to be balanced and whole; the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown, creation and destruction, death and rebirth, materialism and spirituality. Here at The Autumn Equinox, celebrate your whole selves, your musculine and feminine aspects, your conscious and unconscious, the active and the receptive, your light and dark sides, your fortunes and misfortunes, your young self and your old self – and all aspects of the cyckle of life. Celebrate it all, the good and the bad. Honour the changing season which brings a chance to start again.”

This is a night to surrender to the guidance of your soul, to dive deep into self healing meditation, lucid dreaming state and purify subconscious blocks. It is an exquisite vibration and sound journey till sunrise with 11 powerful gongs and 3 experienced teachers and healers.

“Pay attention to the sound, as you might uncover a secret of existence and find the true Voice of deep inner YOU” Don Conreaux

Gongs are amazing instruments. They generate powerful, intense healing vibrations which, stimulate feelings of peace and relaxation. This allows the release of stress and enhances well-being. The Sound of Gongs opens the gates of Love, so you can connect with all. The things you create around yourself and realize just how great a power you have to create your own happiness and well-being. The Gong Puja can help you to remove emotional aspects out of the body, creating empty space to fill it with love and tranquility.

Are you ready to open up and receive?

Benefits of Gong Baths:
– deep relaxation
– body and cells rejuvenation
– anxiety and stress relief
– sleep improvement
– emotional release
– pain and swelling relieve
– well-being
– aura cleansing
– intuition awaking
– chakra balancing
– connection with light and spirit
– gaining a deeper knowledge of yourself
and your unlimited possibilities
– boosting your intuition by increasing
your spirituality
– healing that which aches the soul

We will begin the evening with the Mantra to tune into our Souls and gentle kundalini yoga stretches to allow our bodies to open up to the energy to flow smoothly and prepare for sound waves to heal.

Then there will be a short break to set up your ‘sleeping nests’ for the all night Gong Puja.
Short introduction about gongs and vibrations and then you will be bathed in the sound waves of the gongs till the morning. As the powerful vibrations and harmonics wash over you, they will induce deep relaxation, altered states of consciousness and help to release tensions and blocks. You will be revitalized and rejuvenated in the morning
with the new zest for life!

At the beginning of the night the sound might feel quite intensive at moments. After a while we will keep it gentle and comforting till the early morning. At around 5:30am the gongs will go silent for 30 minutes of stillness & reflection; during this time you will dive into SHUNIA – state of deep listening, deep silence. To be gently awaken by the sounds of the shabd, a healing mantra as you gently stretch into new you, into new life.

9:00 pm Doors open
9:30 pm Welcome
10-10:45 pm Opening Our Bodies with
Kundalini Yoga Gentle Exercises
Meditation & Mantras
10:45– 11:00 pm Set up ‘sleeping nests’
11:00pm – 5:30am All-night Gong Puja
5:30 am Silence
6:00 am Morning meditation to Rise & Shine
6:30 am Hot Drinks & Breakfast & Sharing
7:00 am Journey Home

Clean comfortable clothing, pillows, sleeping bag, blankets, duvets, camping/yoga mat or any other item that will help you to be comfortable as you will be sleeping on the floor.

We’ve heaters in the hall, but please be sure to bring warm clothes i.e. socks/slippers/jumpers & anything you will need to ensure you’re nice and warm throughout the night.
Please also bring a bottle of drinking water & snacks to share for our breakfast.

Have a good meal at least 1 hour before the event, but not too heavy, and strictly no alcohol/drugs.

Free parking at the car park near the venue.

£100 for couples
£50 concessions (students, single parents, elders)


The Gong Bath will be lead by Gong Masters Teachers: Grace Sandels, Malcolm Medley, Wioletta Diamondheart

Wioletta Diamondheart (Jai Dev Karam Kaur) kundalini yoga & meditation teacher, holistic therapist & Soul Journeyer, Gong Master
C: Soul Experience
T: 07956384160

Grace Sandels
Kundalini yoga & meditation teacher (KRI Certified), Gong Master.

Malcolm Medley (Mehan Deva)
The bearded laughing Yogi , Kundalini & Chair Yoga

Jyoti Howe
Transformational Yoga &
Meditation Teacher,
Reiki Master, Gong Master



“I had a very rejuvenating experience at the gong night organised by Wioletta. I haven’t been to a gong night before and didn’t expect the changes to be both so subtle yet so obvious. During the night I felt a sense of peace and relaxation which was enlightening. After the event, I felt different, both in terms of my emotional response to situations and feeling grounded. New opportunities opened for me which included me changing jobs.
I have attended two so far and will definitely do this regularly.
I thoroughly enjoyed the kundalini yoga which was carried out before and after the gong bath. The pace and movements were so fluid and dynamic that I felt instantly energised. I felt a sense of bliss when chanting the mantras and I can thoroughly recommend the event. It is a real must for anyone experiencing fatigue and distraction in their busy lives.” Roo

“I recently attended the all night Puja and really liked the combination of Kundalini to open the body before we started the with the gongs.
I wore ear plugs all night which allowed me to relax more and really feel the vibrations affecting my body.
The next day I was a bit tired but very relaxed and calm. Two days later I had a big energetic release from my neck and head and have been feeling fantastic ever since.
I highly recommend this event.
Linda “


There will be little shopping area where you can buy:
– books
– cards
– yogic clothes
– yogic accessories
– kombucha
– beet kvas
– vegan spread (from raw virgin organic
coconut oil)
– sourdough bread (homemade)

Looking forward to serve you
With love in love
Wioletta , Grace , Jyoti & Malcolm



Sep 14 2019


21:00 - 07:00


£60 £100 for couples £50 concessions (students, single parents, elders)

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Old Acton Library
Wioletta Diamondheart (Jai Dev Karam Kaur)


Wioletta Diamondheart (Jai Dev Karam Kaur)

Other Organizers

Grace Sandels Kundalini
Malcolm Medley (Mehan Deva)

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