Invitation to join our next 40 days live on FB Morning Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Practice theme:
Healing Inner Child

Starting Monday 14.10.19 @ 05:55 GMT

To join FB Group Rise & Shine 16


Series to activate forth chakra, our Heart , ANAHATA , the energy Center responsible for love & compassion.

? start Monday 14.10 till Friday 22.11.19
? each morning
? 05:55-06:45 UK time
? FB live for 40 days in Rise & Shine 16
? at the comfort of your home
? easy & simple exercises for all
? powerful meditation
? to enhance your day
? to awaken the light within you
? to meet and greet you in you
? to open to the flow of prosperity
? to activate sense of purpose
? to built self worth
? to enhance will power
? to get in touch with your inner child

Waking up each morning to join the group of beautiful souls, to lift each other up, to be together and join thousands other yogis, teachers, students, Rishi’s that meditate at that very amrit hour it’s a real bliss.


It’s £1 a day
40 days – £40
It’s your commitment to yourself, to Rise & Shine, To step into your Power.

Once you make your payment , please send me a confirmation via messenger, so I can add you to our private group Rise & Shine 16

All details in a link below:



“A song for new beginnings, new chapters, new openings and new abundance.
I feel so full of big possibilities. I feel alive. I feel open. I feel love.
Sat Nam to you beautiful woman who has brought such awakenings to my heart and soul. So much love. Katie xx

“Sat Nam beautiful and so much love and gratitude to you Wioletta for your beautiful guidance, love and encouragement.
Thank you thank you.
I feel wonderful, and alive and grounded and truly happy. You are my favourite way to start the day.
Yesterday, I met a man at a conference who I believe I can partner with to plant trees across the world. My sacred purpose is expanding and evolving.
Love love love, Sat Nam and more love ?
?? Justina “

“So so blessed. You feel right beside me when we touch the ground and I connect right through to the centre of the earth and all around. Sometimes, I ground myself and I travel through the roots of trees from one to the next, going around the circumference of Mother Earth through the network of trees. It’s electric. You are all truly not that far away at all. I feel more connected than I ever have. Bursting with love for nature and life.
Wage Guru ????” Katie

“Hi Girls
Another set of 40 days is finished???
For me it’s been almost a year and a half of constant, conscious work with myself and on myself. We cannot change ourselves without changing our live and although we wish it was all easy and smooth it hardly ever is.

Sometimes it feels like a carpet has been pulled from underneath you?‍♀️

Thank to Wiola’s yoga practice in all these moments when I feel that the transformation is too overwhelming, I have a strong and stable routine, something to hold on.

The morning sessions centre, focus and ground me. They feel like meeting with a friend, who has always got kind words of encouragement. Even a million ‘THANK YOU’ is not enough to express my feelings. Aldona”

It’s easy , it’s simple and it’s beautiful! Starting New Day in this way will shift your life to different realities of existence.
It will change your life!
You’ll be reborn that I can guarantee if you do it everyday !


All details in a link below:


Looking forward to practice with you

Wioletta Diamondheart