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Live on FB – Autentyczne Relacj...

Live on FB – Autentyczne Relacje cz I

🔥🔥🔥 na pierwszy ogień 🔥🔥🔥  o AUTENTYCZNYCH RELACJACH rozmawiać będą na żywo: astrolog, jogin i biznesman Tomasz Winski i pasjonatka życia, nauczycielka kundalini jogi i podróżniczka Wioletta Diamondheart. Bądź z nami na żywo !!  Już jutro, w Sobotę 24 marca o godz 19:00 czasu UK , godzinkę później w Polsce ❤ Prześlij ten link dalej, wszystkim znajomym którzy potrzebują inspiracji do […]

Full Moon Ceremony with Trans Dance a...

This Full Moon in GEMINI is truly inspirational ! Join me in this ecstatic trans dance and shake off all your burden, old heavy luggage and make space for NEW FULFILLING, CREATIVE & HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS in your world. We will end with deep relaxation in vibrations of 2 powerful Gongs & gentle Crystal Bowl for […]

Wheels of Life – Kundalini Jour...

    Wheels of Life – Kundalini Journey through The Chakras 8 weeks 8 Friday’s 7:00-8:30pm @ Grove Park Studios, Chiswick W4 3HR 03.11.17- 22.12.2017 This is a journey through the chakras starting at the Base Czakra – Muladhara and working upwards through the subtle energy centres to the Crown – Sahashara chakra and completing with the […]

Soul Journey with Crystal Bowls

Exquisite evening of magical sounds & vibrations of 10 Crystal Bowls Session will Include: * Sacred Mantras to open to the voice within * Gentle Kundalini Yoga stretches to allow the flow to flow * Guided Meditation for Prosperity & Abundance * Diving Deep into Relaxation & Healing with Crystal Bowls 432hz * Blessing Mantra […]

RADIANT YOU – Kundalini Yoga Co...

  Want to be Healthy, Happy & Radiant? Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful?     Join this superb Kundalini Yoga session with Wioletta Diamondheart in Chiswick, London. It’s a 4 weeks course, but can be taken as one individual session. 4 weeks £50, 1 session £15 When you become happy, you radiate your inner light around […]

Cocoons Inner Journey

Beautiful evening with mantra, gentle exercise and nesting in embracing wings of the RED cocoon – Grounding in The Infinite Love of Sacred Womb. Opening to Love. This is a very unique, multi-sensory journey to the depths of your soul. Suspension in Cocoons creates a feeling of floating, gravity vanishes, all senses enhanced by Sacred […]