This is an invitation to all souls that would love to experience themselves in a very conscious and most natural way.

We are starting our New Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Sessions on Monday 19.02.2018 with final day on 30.03.2018

Theme of our IV-th edition:
Removing live blocks

“Suppose something you want to move and it’s not moving. There is a block and it’s not movable. Then chant this mantra. It’s a lever. It is the biggest lever available to you as a mantra.” – Yogi Bhajan

We all have blocks that we want to break through. And as soon as we break through one, soon enough, there’s a new obstacle on its way. We can take comfort in the fact that this is part of the human experience. Blocks will always show up. The real question is: how will we show up to move beyond them?

Thankfully, through Kundalini Yoga, we have tools to remove these blocks. We commit to cleansing the mind through mantra and meditation in order to expand our awareness and free ourselves from the chains we perceive to be holding us back.


We are on live at 05:55 for prompt start at 06:00, we will end around 06:45.

STRUCTURE of our session:

Greetings & Inspirational Quote for that day from Master of Kundalini Yoga

1. We tune in with opening Mantra:
Connecting to inner subtle energy, to the light within



2. Kriya – a set of exercises to awaken the energies within and clear chakras
3. Meditation for Removing Life Blocks – AAD SUCH (I’ll post about it)
4. Closing & Blessings Prayer/Meditation
5. Sat Nam x3 to stay in vibration of truth


Dear Soul Journeyers,

Please prepare for yourself a lovely, natural, best- white clothes, you may use a head covering for better focus, get fresh air into the room you’ll be practicing and most of all make yourself comfortable.

You may be sitting on the floor, chair, bed whatever is best for you at this moment.

Be kind and gentle with and to yourself during whole practice, but give your 100% for that day for best benefits.

Have a journal, to write all that you need to express and to see later how your journey into new you developed with the practice.

Have an intention. Why do you do it?
What is it that you do want to let go off.
What are you making space for?

Also, please remember that you may share your doubts, questions, experiences on this group, as we are in it together and there will be the other going through the same experience. Please, share. Don’t keep anything in hiding. You may shine a light on something very important.

Kundalini Yoga is a Yoga of Awareness. It’s a very powerful and potent technology, which when applied properly can bring a miracles into your lives.

I am so happy, excited and very grateful that we are getting into this journey together.

Big Thank you from the bottom of my heart and by the Grace of the Guru, the Grace of God. Sat Nam ??

Wioletta Diamondheart
Jai Dev Karam Kaur


If you’d love to participate, please contact me directly. It’s a closed group and sessions are only for participants.

Payments to:
Wioletta Sadurek
HSBC 40-01-01
Acc 61462040
Re: KY4 + name


About me:

I’ve been practising and teaching kundalini yoga for over 10 years. I love this practice deeply. It worked for me, it was and still is the forklift in difficult times. It is an amazing technology with many beautiful mantras, Kriyas, inspirations, motivations , insights and blissful presence of grace and love within.

I encourage my students, participants to work to their maximum and practice their dedication to divinity in a deep and profound way. My guidance comes from experience and wisdom that works to harness the energy of the group to support each individual to evolve, expand in consciousness and realise ones full potential. To live a life blessed with peace, health, happiness, holiness and harmony in oneness. I encourage all group participants to share their experiences with the others as it creates beautiful field of mutual understanding and cultivates strength of the group. You are not alone in this. It is an amazing feeling and important , especially if you have not done kundalini yoga before.

I’m so excited to start another journey, and guide you with the grace of God. Sat Nam ??