Awakening to your BRILLIANCE with New Year 2018!

40 days morning Kundalini Yoga & Meditation practice at AMRIT hour.

Stepping into the light.
Stepping into the truth.
Stepping into divine you.
Stepping into Sacred Space.
Stepping into your Brilliance.

What my daily Kundalini Yoga practice is giving me? Why I’m inviting you to join me and the others that love to commit to their path or discover one?

It gives me the power, the strength and the courage to fully step into the light.
It helps me to keep up and allows me to live fully and open up and recognise my potential.

I have so much to give and share and I am not afraid to show it.
I know my light is needed in the world right now and in case you didn’t know, so is yours!

We are all meant to shine, to share, to play, to create, to celebrate life.

Happiness is your birthright! as Yogi Bhajan says.

You did not come into this world merely to suffer, to hide yourself, to feel insecure or ashamed. You are here to grow, to evolve and love, surrounded by people that uplift and inspire you.

If this is not the case in your life right now, don’t wait for it to finally happen, become yourself a shining star that will awaken the light in others.

If you are longing to be uplifted, uplift yourself through Kundalini Yoga practice.
That’s what I did and it works! You can do it to!

Let’s take our spiritual practice to the next level together! You are so welcome to join.
No previous experience in yoga needed as this technology is very simple and easy. Everyone can do it!

In those sessions I will share with you a powerful daily messages from the Master Yogi Bhajan , awakening Kundalini Yoga practice and beautiful guided meditation to Plant New Seeds in our Sacred Gardens.


Cost: £40 – £1 a day plus your commitment
Private Group – only for participants

To join:
– call/message for payment details and instructions

Sat Nam ??
Wioletta Diamondheart


Why 40 days?
To change demoting habit into promoting one.

“You have to learn in your life the process of consistency. You have to be consistent. This fluctuation in your life does not represent you. It only represents your fluctuation. Your caliber of life is the consistency of you. Excellent consistency makes you an excellent human being. You must come through, come what may. That is the simple law of life.” -Yogi Bhajan


Watch video below and join in.