Greetings to you

We are starting New 21 days Morning Practice of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in a new group Rise & Shine 10 on Friday 30.11.2018 with final day on Thursday 20.12.2018
Ready for Winter Solstice

The Theme for this series is:
? The Glow Within ?

AS this is our 10th series, and number 10 in yogic numerology is THE RADIANT BODY

“Ten is the number from which all things have sprung and into which they must return.
The TENTH STAGE of our soul journey brings a conscious reunion with the LIGHT.
At every stage of the journey the soul has been drawn to the Light; now, once more, it immersed in it.

Yogi Bhajan refers to this number as 1+,
The Soul of 1 plus infinite 0 of our God-given radiance.

Where there is light there can be no darkness.

When we are one with our Radiant Body the impenetrable radiance reflects any external negativity and neutralises any internal negativity within space of our physical body.
The glow of that radiance can subtly promote harmony across a 40km radius.”


STRUCTURE of our session:

We are on live at 05:55 for prompt start at 06:00, we will end around 06:40-45

Greetings & Inspirational Quote
1. We tune in with opening Mantra:
Connecting to inner subtle energy, to the light within, master/teacher within

Followed by:


2. Kriya ( Set of exercises ) to Lit up our Glow
3. Meditation:
HEAL YOURSELF – Radiate the Light
Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung
(I’ll post about it later)
4. Closing & Blessings Prayer
5. Sat Nam x3 to stay in vibration of truth


Dear Soul Journeyers,

Please prepare for yourself a lovely, natural, best- white clothes, you may use a head covering for better focus, get fresh air into the room you’ll be practicing and most of all make yourself comfortable.

You may be sitting on the floor, chair, bed whatever is best for you at this moment.

Be kind and gentle with and to yourself during whole practice, but give your 100% for that day for best benefits.

Have a JOURNAL, to write all that you need to express and to see later how your journey into new you developed with the practice.

Have an INTENTION. Why do you do it?
What is it that you do want to let go off.
What are you making space for?

Please, do SHARE ON group TIMELINE your questions, thoughts, feelings, experiences. It will help you and me to run this group in a flow giving receiving and sharing with others.

Also, please remember that you may share your doubts, questions, experiences on this group, as we are in it together and there will be the other going through the same experience. Please, share. Don’t keep anything in hiding. You may shine a light on something very important.

Kundalini Yoga is a very powerful and potent technology, which when applied properly can bring a miracles into your lives.

“Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. It’s not about giving you anything that you don’t already have. It’s just to bring that awareness to our potential and to notice those places where we have a block or a resistance to how we would naturally be ourselves in the world.” Yogi Bhajan

Regular Kundalini Yoga practice will help you to:

* feel happier, healthier, be more productive, more creative, and more relaxed!
* transform your life and relationships, and feel more fulfilled and satisfied!
* boost your energy levels and enjoy greater levels of physical well-being!
* become more intuitive and able to attract new opportunities!
* embark on an exciting new journey of self-discovery!

People decide to practice Kundalini Yoga for many different reasons. Perhaps it was recommended to you as a way to help you relax, cope with stress and find peace of mind. Perhaps you were simply curious. It doesn’t really matter what your reason may have been, everyone is welcome to join in.

However, you must be warned: If you genuinely practice it, then you will find yourself and your life changing. If you do not want this, if everything in your life is perfect, then don’t proceed!
However, if you do want to explore the possibilities offered by this technology, and wish to discover and enjoy your highest potential, then Kundalini Yoga is most definitely for you.

Sat Nam


If you’d love to join this new series
– Add me as a friend on FB ( if we are not yet )
– transfer £21 to:
Wioletta Sadurek
HSBC 40-01-01
Acc 61462040
Re: your REAL name that you made a transfer

– Send me confirmation via messenger and I’ll then add you to the group Rise & Shine 10

I am so happy, excited and very grateful that we are getting into this journey together.

Big Thank you from the bottom of my heart and by the Grace of the Guru, the Grace of God. Sat Nam

Infinite love & joy

Jai Dev Karam Kaur
Wioletta Diamondheart

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