“I have saved my share for the end as during the 40 days it was a hard enough experience to process let alone share it ? This was my second 40 day kirya. It was different from the first one…the first two weeks it was like someone had changed my happy world into the most depressing world. It has been like swimming in mud for 40 days with a light at the end of the tunnel. I did have a really amazing breakthrough around two weeks in relating to a memory of a visualisation that I had done around age 20 at a workshop where I arrive at a door and I was unable to open the door. Behind the door was my me and super bright light. Back then I was unable to open the door which always stuck with me. 17 years – I thought one day I will be able to open that door and two weeks in to this I ripped the door off and burnt it!! ? and all that came to me was Light in. I give light out but light in!! And the door remains open as there is no door to put back. To say I am happy we are moving from removing life blocks is an understatement. I know in order to see the light we must recognise the dark. It has been fully recognised!
Thank you Wioletta for this as I know it has been difficult for you.
I love our morning practice and seeing you everyday!!
Can’t wait for the next one!! Let the colours come back ???☘️⭐️