„Kundalini yoga every morning with Wiola… to me there is no other way to explain it than ‘new life’.
I started the amazing experience with kundalini at the beginning of October 2017, I was at a very low, if not lowest point in my life, being put through disciplinary at work, because I had to much to say and my manager saw me as a treat, as all my colleagues were coming with issues to me, had an accident in my car and my 7 years relationship was pretty much ended… I was still living in the same house as a man who admitted he stopped loving me 2 years ago…
I truly don’t know where I would be today if not this ‘miracle’. I remember sitting in a dark room, with my eyes closed, my life on autopilot, because my brain and my body would not think of anything else than just to survive. I remember seeing a little bright light very far away with my eyes closed, listening to Wiola’s voice and pushing myself to do the moves.
The light started getting brighter and brighter, and today I believe I AM the light. I love my life, I love me, I love the people around me, and they say I have this amazing energy that I bring when I walk into a room. I have been recognised for the person I am and offered an amazing job opportunity which I’m starting on Monday, a new wonderful man entered my life, who thinks I am like an angel, and best thing that happened to him in his life.
I’ve grown so much as a person, as a human, and a woman. I love myself like I never have done in my entire life. I will not stop kundalini, it simply saved my life.

All my love Justina x”