About me


Wioletta Diamondheart

I am Wioletta Diamondheart , my yogic name is Jai Dev Karam Kaur. I am enthusiastic, dynamic, uplifting and inspiring Kundalini Yoga & Meditation level 1 & 2 teacher, Kundalini Yoga for Conscious Pregnancy and Shakti Dance Instruktor, Member of KYTA, IKYTA, SDTA and Holistic Therapist. My journey is long and rocky with an amazing views and experiences that I share from my heart with those that are wanting to love their lives fully. My life motto is : “Be The Lighthouse” As the others describe me: “Her energy, enthusiasm and passion for life is highly motivating and infectious. Compassion and dedication to the teachings is deeply transforming, healing and uplifting. She is passionate about helping the others achieve mental, physical, spiritual balance and to live in The Light, in The Truth, In Sat Nam. Wioletta is dynamic and passionate about life and its transformations. Her energy and enthusiasm for the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as thought by Yogi Bhajan is deeply motivating and encouraging.

She teaches from the heart and from her own experience. She directs her classes to inspire the students, to enable each participant to catch the glimpse of their own true self and find The Master within. About

Wioletta looks to bring the essence of everyday life into her classes, sharing Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations that are relevant to the changes we face in the world, so we are able to withstand the pressure of times, live in joy and find peace within. Her passion for life, people and commitment to serve others creates a high vibrational sacred space for healing and transformation to occur in a safe space.” I am also Holistic & Ayurvedic Therapist, Enthusiastic Traveller & Life Coach. My Mission is to Bring out The Master Within each student, participant, client. I Runs Woman Circles & Ceremonies in Red Tents, as I believe in creative power and love of The Goddess, of The Mother, of the Creation. I Offer help and support during Fasting and Detoxing.