Sacred Journeys

SACRED BALI RETREAT 29 June – 12 July 2017

This is a Master Retreat for all aligning to the Light, awakening inner healer in Sacred Waters & Temples of Bali.

In sacred sites and pure waters of Bali we will purify our body, mind, hearts, emotions, our whole being to let go of the past and awaken to New Life, to give birth to the Being of Light that you are.
The Master of Love that you are.


* With daily kundalini yoga & meditations
* With contemplations at sacred temples
* With the guidance of Balenise Master Shaman & Healer


It’s a Journey to Heart Centered World, Following The Light Within. The journey to abundance & prosperity.


Please note as it’s important:

There is going to be a silent day to fully immerse on inner self before we head to Holy Waters Temple for purification and to the Mother Temple for the blessings.

We might be able arrange an additional journey to an active volcano on holy mountain during the night for the sun rise! So looking forward to it!

Every day will bring something new to be excited about in our life. To awaken the passion for life & live fully.

Bali is an island of pure energy and great abundance.
Would you like to join? To encompass this feeling into your life?

Complete plan of journeys available on request.


Journey costs £1200 + flights
£100 deposit

Information & Bookings on:

Many blessing
Love & Light
Wioletta Diamondheart Karam Kaur